Concept of "Integrated Control System" for windows wipers:
   Company Magprom is also the author of the concept of the control system MPSS (Multi Point stering System) It is connected to the control system of marine window wipers, heated glass, and window washers. This system has a modular structure which makes it universal. Each wiper has its own control module called IMS. IMS modules contact each other, such a construction enables the synchronization of the wipers, in groups.
A special touch panel called MS lets you control all IMS modules.

This allows, among other things:

- Connecting a very large number of wipers,

-  Connecting the wiper to any group by changing the settings in the module MS without any changes to hydraulic and electrical connections etc.,

-  Synchronization speed of the wipers in groups,

-  The ability to attach to other system modules such as spray unit, an external temperature sensor,

-  Status information on the display panel unit MS,

-  The possibility of the Cooperation systems with an external temperature sensor and automatic switching of heating, depending on the outside  temperature.