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Pall rings
1. wersion - as individual rings, designed to create loose layers (unordered form). It is most commonly used in the chemical and petrochemical industry, as well as in sewage treatment plants and for drinking and boiler water treatment. 

2.  wersion - in the form of packages, formed by the fusion of the rings (ordered form) for columns of any diameters and shapes, according to the parameters specified by the client. Application of the packages can further increase the efficiency of the column by reducing the flow resistance and energy consumption. Moreover, the organised form facilitates the exchange and regeneration of the fillings. 
The rings are made of such materials as:
 various types of steel, copper, aluminium, titanium and others.
 polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), polyamide (PA), PVC and PVDF, as well as glass fibre reinforced plastics, such as POLYFORT.

Pall rings of metal is used at high temperatures, in the more general metabolic processes in the purification of hot exhaust gases, in environments requiring resistance to high temperature differences in combination with the aggressive working environment.
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